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Mystery is attractive, but not healthy long term. Look eslewhere if you want mystery. Why play games? It's much better to focus on living life together. Btw I feel so much better hitting gym again, the pics are old.

I hope to find someone who uses their pains and anguish bettering their appreciation for life and living to the fullest. I'm not looking for that crazy, naive, blinding, whirlwind romance burning the candle on both ends. Slow burn seems like a nice pace. If you're only searching for the highs in life and need love from the whole world, plz skip my profile.

I been on the run for life since my time out of the Army. Coming out of a war zone I realized life is too short to be taken seriously at the personal level so I can be bit of a smartass. Riding solo off into the sunset sounds romantic, but actually it gets quite lonely, though at times has it beauty.

I grew up watching Xena Warrior Princess. Haha! If you're an "Alpha" girl, I say, "Awesome! Challenge the crap outta the status quo. Make your make a mark on the world." Down to my core I'm more of a "Beta" guy. I use my "Alpha" capacity to only counter the Machiavelli bitterness of the world.

My most memorable days were living in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area where I skied Mt. Rose (8260 ft base elev.) in the morning, ride my motorcycle up to Lake Tahoe, hike, and lounge on the beach. I love Nevada having 9 out of 13 climate zones, a state of contrasts and contradictions. Versatile taste for life is a must. I plan on moving back. Insta gram RenoTahoe.

My simplistic lifestyle enables my lively outlook on life, in turn enables freedom of movement and appreciation for life. Should you be looking for a king, please skip over me. Life's about memories, not diamonds. No amount of money or prestige beats warmth and coziness. Even by epicurean Old World standards, I still have a taste for certain finer things in life like eating the Ahi Tuna Poke at the Lone Eagle Grill.

I try to live life preventing myself from having the Top 5 Common Regrets of the Dying. Death even turns kings to peasants. Plan like you are going to live forever, live like you are going to die tomorrow. Duality is challenging at times.

I try to be open-minded for the greater picture with an unorthodox approach to life. I love watching Jeopardy cuz that show keeps me humble reminding me I don't know s**t

My travels provided me abilities of an extrovert. Don't let the pictures fool you, I flew solo or with close family/friends (six siblings). Introvert traveling is an oddity. Occasionally I don't mind going to bars or events, but I much prefer spending time in the outdoors. Mother Nature and knowledge are great Mistresses.

I love journeys that get the best out of people more so with laughter. I'm always open to exploring, talking about anything and everything (try me) so long it's with someone special. Be nice to get old with someone, sit on a bench, and watch the ducks or travel to the ends of the Earth together. If your outlook aligns with mine, we can journey together on the road called "life". It would no longer be "My" adventures, but "Ours". Shall we dance with saints, play with devils, maybe a little bit of both?

Pursuit of happiness isn't so elusive ;)

Thanks for reading this long ass essay.

What I am looking for

Be nice to meet another seasoned traveler who enjoys the personal connections in life. Doesn't matter if you're a brick layer or doctor, I believe it's the essence of outlook and life's wisdom that matters most. It's easy to find an attractive gal, but finding one with dynamic yet warm colors of the soul is crazy hard. I love to find someone to put cracks in my composure. Looking for that beautiful monster behind closed doors. Amazon tall is welcome, I'm not shy dating someone taller than me or not intimidated by someone with a strong under current of soft power or Empress capacity. That's right, I pierce the veil of dangerous soft power creatures :P