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  • Height:
    5 ft. 10 in.
  • Body:
    Full Figured
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    Associates Degree
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    Installation And Repair
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I am a recent widower that's looking for a second lease on life. I am not currently ready for an intimate relationship, but open to the possibility of a long-term relationship in the future.

My good traits:
Honest, empathetic, loving, thoughtful, open-minded, a good cuddler, responsible, have integrity, loyal, humble, and authentic. I can also cook, clean, and do laundry...I even learned how to fold a fitted bed sheet.

My description:
-A self-professed geek.
-Creative, but can be very analytical when the need arises.
-A creature of comfort, but I like a bit of excitement from time to time.
-An introvert trying to to be an extrovert.
-Can be laid-back or full of energy depending on my mood.
-Can be a cynic at times, but I want to believe in things.
-Wear my heart on my sleeve, though I try my best to hide it at times.
-Tend to try to see the good in people, but can also find that most people annoy me.
-I am definitely not politically correct, I hate censorship, but I also believe that actions have consequences.
-Have a dark and twisted sense of humor (think Southpark).
-Can share a little too much information at times (like I'm likely doing in this profile).
-I guess I'm a paradoxical mess in a number of ways.

My interests:
-A good story, be it from a movie, a book, conversation, or anything else.
-I used to love to read, but have difficulty doing so lately.
-A good conversation, especially about topics such as philosophy, politics, or social issues.
-I like fantasy and sci-fi.
-I like to learn useless (at least usually) trivia.
-I like to play video games. Mainly RPGs, Adventure, or Puzzle-type games, but anything with a good story keeps my attention.
-I like to play Pathfinder and D

What I am looking for

Though not currently looking for an intimate relationship, I am definitely open to the possibility in the future. I want to get to know a person first, to learn their personality and peer into their soul, before I move further. I assure you, I eventually want a relationship and to see if real love can strike twice.

I like women who are natural, authentic, intelligent, honest, and empathetic. I favor strong women, who are a bit of a feminist, and speak their mind, though I don't mind the shy and timid types either. I like imperfect people, and I am into wabi-sabi. I like women who can be intimate, physical, and sensual with a touch of romance. I am not really concerned about body type, but who at least takes care of themselves.

I despise drama and dishonesty. I don't like people that are too self-absorbed or who can easily show disrespect for others or make people fell "less than". Please, no Republicans or those who regularly use words like "leeches", "thugs", "criminals", "illegals", or unpatriotic" to describe others. I don't mind people who stick up for others, but I don't like SJWs or thought police.